Depending on the comfort level of the organizer(s), Readings may be public and open to all in a given community or may be invitation-only events. 

  • Readings are not political rallies, but are alternative ways of acting politically.
  • Readings involve several participants reading aloud texts that are already published and part of the public domain, in order to share them afresh with the audience.
  • The texts are relevant to our collective situation, here and now. Each text speaks for itself and to the moment, without extended commentary or editorializing.
  • Texts can range from the U.S. Constitution, the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, the judgement in Roe v. Wade, and sections of the Kyoto Protocol to notable poems, short stories, essays, satires, and excerpts from novels and plays.
  • Texts can be read aloud by individuals or collaboratively in groups. Even short texts can be imaginatively presented in more than one voice. Our goal as readers is to inform, alert, stimulate, recover, and persuade.
  • Individuals, groups, and communities can organize local Blowtorch Readings as a monthly series, scheduled for the 8th of each month as a reminder of November 8, 2016. 

Through this process, we will read and share words that cut through our familiar thoughts, feelings, and prejudices with the precision of a blowtorch. Our thinking is refreshed, our emotions are reset, and our goals are redefined.